Updated:  March 09, 2017

Notice to Our Valued Members and Friends
Regarding The 2017 Golf Season at AVCC

"May These Gates Never Be Closed"

   AVCC appreciates all the concern and questions regarding recent developments at the US-Canadian border at AVCC, commonly known as the Brown & Russell Road. As reported in several local newspapers and on various media outlets, the US Border Patrol has closed off entrance to AVCC from Canada at the Brown-Russell Road (Four Falls).  Travel to AVCC from Canada now requires that all visitors enter the USA through a manned port of entry. We have included maps showing travel to and from AVCC in 2017.

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In addition to the changes at AVCC, US Customs require either a Passport or NEXUS card to gain entry to the USA.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Travel to Canada from AVCC has NOT changed from previous years. The Canada Customs office at Four Falls is seasonal and is open from mid-April to mid-October, 7 days a week from 10AM-10PM (Canadian time). All traffic leaving AVCC will be allowed to use the Russell and Brown Roads to enter Canada at Four Falls from 10AM to 10PM daily (Canadian time), 7 days a week. Canada Customs can be reached at (506) 273-2073 for further details.

US and/or Canadian traffic wishing to use the Brown Road after playing/visiting AVCC may travel to Canada through the Canada Customs office at Four Falls. Please keep in mind that this office is seasonal, April to October.  We appreciate that most of you reading this notice will fully understand the logistics of the area. If this information is not clear in its meaning, please contact us, via email, for further clarification. You may also call either US Customs @ (207) 473-7474 or Canada Customs @ (506) 273-2073.

This is a situation that AVCC has no control over but we fully plan to make your experience with us as pleasurable as it has always been and it is "business as usual".

We appreciate everyone's support, and look forward to seeing you, in  2017.

An Interesting Perspective on the USBP Action at AVCC

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